How we spend your money

Uplift is an independent, people-powered community that holds decision makers to account. We rely heavily on donations and soon we hope to be entirely financed by member donations. Currently members contribute 55% of core running costs.

We also take small grants and work in partnership with organisations who share our values.

We keep our costs low and the funds we receive go on maintaining a small team, the technology that enables us run powerful campaigns and pay for overheads.

The monthly costs of running Uplift is on average €18,000. This is spent on Staff x 3.5 & Revenue costs €10,500, Overheads and Office costs €500, Networking and Travel costs €500, Communications and Technology costs €1,200, Governance costs €500 and Campaign Actions on average cost €3,000,

We do not take money from government or big business. When we audit our accounts they are published here. 

Directors Report and Financial Statement (June 2016 – Dec 2017)

Directors Report and Financial Statement (May 2015 – April 2016)

Directors’ Report and Financial Statements (June 2014 – April 2015)

You can read a copy of our donations policy here.