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Well done. It is time to clearly mark the goal of the Revolution, and the term we want to arrive at; it is time to realize ourselves, and the obstacles that still deter us, and the means we must adopt to reach it: a simple and important idea that seems to have never been seen. Hey! how could a cowardly and corrupt government dare to realize it? A king, a proud senate, a Caesar, a Cromwell, must above all cover their projects with a religious veil, compromise with all vices, caress all parties, crush the good people, oppress or deceive the people, to to reach the goal of their perfidious ambition. If we had not had a greater task to fulfill, if this were only the interests of a faction or a new aristocracy, we could have believed, as certain writers, more ignorant than perverse, that the plan of the Revolution was written in letters in the books of Tacitus and Machiavelli, and sought the duties of the representatives of the people in the history of Augustus, of Tiberius or Vespasian, or even that of certain French legislators; for, with a few shades of perfidy or cruelty, all tyrants are alike.

For us, we come today to put the universe in the secret of your political secrets, so that all the friends of the country can rally to the voice of reason and the public interest; so that the French nation and its representatives are respected in all the countries of the universe where the knowledge of their true principles can be achieved; so that the intrigans who always try to replace other intrigans, are judged by the public opinion, on safe and easy rules.




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