Here are some useful talking points for your call:


  • To get started call Charlie Flanagan’s office at 057 862 0232.62 0232
  • Say where you are calling from. If you are from the Laois/Offaly constituency, emphasise this.
  • Say that you are calling about fourteen year old Nonso from Tullamore who is being deported and that you are upset that he may not be allowed stay in Ireland.
  • Emphasise the fact that the entire community is behind him and desperately wants him to stay here in Ireland, where he belongs
  • Recognise that Nonso doesn’t even speak the language of where he originally came from and that he has completely integrated into Irish society.
  • Ask if Charlie Flanagan will use his special power as Justice Minister to allow Nonso to stay in Ireland. Emphasise that as Minister for Justice he should be looking to protect vulnerable people, such as Nonso.
  • Ask that your message be passed on to him and that you would like a call back about what Charlie Flanagan is going to do about Nonso’s situation.



Thank you for taking the time to place your call.