The Global Day of Action Against TTIP

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Next Saturday people across the world are preparing to take part in the global day of action against TTIP, and other trade deals like it.

Here in Ireland people power is driving the fight against TTIP and we are growing stronger every day.

Richard Bruton, the Minister responsible for pushing TTIP in Ireland, is working hard to justify the government’s support for this trade agreement.

The more unsound arguments he makes for TTIP, the louder we will shout the truth. TTIP is bad for Ireland, and it threatens the things we care about – our democracy, labour rights, food, public services and our planet.

It is time to make this fight against TTIP personal. We want to take the fight against TTIP local. Together we can create a powerful visual display of images and messages from Uplift members about the things that we want to remain ‘TTIP Free’

By taking a photo on your camera or phone and sending it to the Uplift team you can participate in creating this massive photo collage – which we will send to Richard Bruton. It’s really straightforward – the steps are laid out below.

Participate in the global day of action

Uplift members are in every county of Ireland. By coming  together as a community we can send a clear message that people across the country want Ireland to be a TTIP free zone. We don’t support trade deals that threaten the things we care about.

A photo from you with a short message will really help build a powerful community visual collage. To submit a picture to contribute to the creation of a visual display for Richard Bruton, just follow these simple steps:

In your photo

  • Show us who you are – Sending Richard Bruton photos with peoples is a strong way to put a face to who will be affected by this dirty trade deal.
  • Show us what you care about – Are you a parent who cares about what food your children are eating? Are you someone who cares about democracy being undermined? Are you someone who cares about ensuring our environment is protected? Are you someone who cares about the privatisation of public services?
  • Show us where you are – Location is important. If there’s a signpost nearby showing you’re in Cork/Derry it would be great to see it.
  • Add the message ‘This is a TTIP free zone’ – you can for example; hold a sheet of paper with the message, make a speech bubble, write it in the sand.

Send us your photo

  • Tweet it using the hashtag #UpliftGDA –  This way all the the images can be compiled together in one place and easy to find
  • Add a hashtag of your county #Kildare #Leitrim #Clare  This will allow a map of all the locations to be created
  • Send it via email – Send your image and a message (with what county you’re from) via email to Your image and message will be added to the visual display

By taking and sharing an image you are giving permission to allow its use by Uplift. This means it might be shared on social media or used on Uplifts website. If you would like any further information before you submit an image please don’t hesitate to get in touch at All images used will be credited.

*Remember you don’t have to have your face in the image if you don’t want to. You can get more creative. For example if you care about what you’re eating and your health why not send a picture of your dinner plate with the message ‘This is a TTIP Free Zone’.

Other ways to participate and get involved

If you don’t have a camera – send us your concerns or messages with your name and county to Alternatively, you can tweet your message to us @UpliftIRL #UpliftGDA and we will add it to the visual display that is sent to Richard Bruton.

Next Saturday the 18th of April, Uplift members in Dublin will be taking action in the city centre to coincide with the large anti-water charges protest taking place. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about TTIP. If you have an hour free and are interested in helping out get in touch by emailing

  • Uplift will have a  Pop-up Photo-booth outside the Central Bank on Dame street from 2pm.  Uplift volunteers will be talking with passers-by about TTIP and handing out leaflets with information about TTIP.  People will be encouraged to take photos with their message to Richard Bruton about TTIP.

The TTIP Information Network is also organising events for the Global Day of action Against TTIP.  Check out what is happening  here

Uplift have signed on to the Global Call to defeat free trade and investment treaties as part of the Global Day of Action. You can see what actions are planned for the Global Day of Action across the world and find out more information here.

Below are images sent in to us by Uplift members.