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Uplift crowd (photo cc) Shinji YamadaLaunching later in 2014 | Sign-up for updates

Uplift is a community of people working together for progressive change in Ireland. We are a self-supporting independent organisation which believes that when we work together towards a common goal we can create a better society.

You can help us get established by becoming a founding donor.

Our aim is to build a fairer, more inclusive Ireland by bringing people together, taking action and holding decision makers to account on issues we care about. We believe that people are not apathetic but desire engagement and want to have a say in decisions that impact on all of our lives.

Through online communications tools, our members participate in campaigns that help shape Irish society. Campaigns are informed by our shared values: to promote social justice, to defend fairness, protect rights, preserve the planet and deepen democracy. Read more about how Uplift works here.

Uplift is run by a small team of volunteers and staff experienced in social justice campaigning. Its Board of Directors advises and supports the core team. Read more about the people involved.

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Uplift is a member of OPEN an exciting new international network of member-led, large scale campaigning organisations including GetUp! in Australia, Campact in Germany, Jhatkaa in India, 38 Degrees in the UK, ActionStation in New Zealand, LeadNow in Canada and MoveOn in the USA.

Uplift is completely independent and not aligned to any political or corporate interests.

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